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Each academy in the de Ferrers Trust has a Local Governing Body (LGB) which works on behalf of the Trust Board to exercise leadership in the running of the individual academy and hold the Principal and staff to account. The LGB is responsible for promoting high standards and strives to ensure that our young people are attending a successful academy which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.

The role of the Local Governing Body:

  • helping the Principal and senior leadership team to set high standards by planning for the academy´s future and setting performance targets for the academy;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the academy provision;
  • the management of risks against the academy's risk register;
  • acting as a critical friend to the Principal and senior leadership team, offering support and advice;
  • helping the academy respond to the needs of parents and the community;
  • helping make the academy be open and accountable to the public for what it does;
  • working with the academy on planning and developing policies and keeping the academy provision under review; and
  • exercising the responsibilities and powers delegated to it by the Directors in partnership with the Principal and staff.

The de Ferrers Trust is currently recruiting for governors in both primary and secondary schools.  Should you be interested please visit The de Ferrers Trust's website.

If you wish to contact the Local Governing Body, you can do so by contacting Emma Cox, Clerk to the Governors, by emailing or writing to:

Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary Academy
Burton Street
DE13 9NR

The de Ferrers Trust Governance Documents

Meet our Local Governing Body

Ex-Officio Governor

The Principal of our Academy also sits on our Local Governing Body as a Governor.  They are referred to as an Ex-officio Governor, by virtue of their office.  This means that they will remain a Governor for as long as they are employed in their role as Principal. 

Joanne Lowe

J Lowe

Appointed: 01 September 2021

Attendance 2022/23: 4/4

Declarations:  Husband works for
Transforming the Trent Valley. This charity offers visits and workshop opportunities for schools . Children attend schools within The de Ferrers Trust


Board Appointed Governors

Governors who are Board Appointed are appointed by the Trust Board.  Their term of office is four years.  At Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary the governance structure allows for two Board Appointed Governors.

Brendan Pearce-Brindley

BPB Photo

Appointed: 12 December 2023
Term of office: 12 December 2023 - 11 December 2027
Appointed by: The Trust Board

Attendance 2022/23: NA

Declarations: Employed by The de Ferrers Trust (Granville Academy).  Fellow of the Victoria College of Music.

Bio: TBC




Parent Governors

Parent Governors are elected by the parents/guardians of the students who attend Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary.  When a parent governor vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all registered parents and guardians and an election takes place.  Their term of office is four years. At Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary the governance structure allows for two parent governors.

Carrie Renshaw

Gov picture

Appointed: 04 May 2022
Term of office: 04 May 2022 - 03 May 2026
Appointed by: Parent Election

Attendance 2022/23: 4/4

Declarations: Children at the school

Bio: Education has always been a very important part of my life and is a subject that I am very interested in and have great passion for. When my children joined Richard Wakefield, I became a Governor to be an active part of their education and to help ensure that all children that attend the school have the best possible education and are able to reach their full potential.

Although I am a Veterinary Surgeon with the equivalent of a Masters in Cardiology, I run my own business now and enjoy learning about all the different aspects of this new challenge. We now live in Tutbury but I have lived and worked all across the country including Devon, Birmingham and Edinburgh. I enjoy visiting new places and spending time with my family.

Sue Rushton

Appointed: 24 January 2024
Term of office: 24 January 2024 - 23 January 2028
Appointed by: Parent Election

Attendance 2022/23: N/A

Declarations: Child attends Richard Wakefield Academy. Member of PTA.

Bio: I was born in Burton hospital and grew up in Stapenhill before living in Derby and the Branston before moving to Tutbury when I got married.  

I left school at 16 and joined British Rail where I became a Signalman.  Over the next 20 years, I worked four of the local signalboxes.  I left the railway when I had my son who is now in Year 6 at Richard Wakefield Academy.

About two years ago I became a lunchtime supervisor at Richard Wakefield.  Everyday is different and I love my job. I'm also a volunteer reader and I help with the PTA. I know the school really appreciate all of the volunteers and the help that I and people like me provide.


Staff Governor

The Staff Governor is elected by the staff based at Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary. When a staff governor vacancy occurs, nominations are requested from all members of staff based at Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary and an election takes place. Their term of office is four years. At Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary the governance structure allows for one staff governor.

Justine Bramley


Appointed: 06 October 2021
Terms of Office:
 06 October 2021 - 05 October 2025

Declarations: Professional Mentor with John Taylor Primary SCITT

Bio: I have been teaching at Richard Wakefield for ten years, most recently working in Upper Key Stage 2, although I have previously taught in different year groups. I have been fortunate to have a variety of professional experiences and opportunities whilst at Richard Wakefield, leading different subject areas and pupil committee groups over the years. Currently I am the Science Lead and the Educational Visits Coordinator.


Co-Opted Governors

At Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary, the governance structure allows for the local governors listed above to co-opt to four further local governors to the local governing body in order to bring a specific skill set that will add value to the academy, making local governance even more efficient and effective.  Co-opted governors have a term of office of four years.

David Lees
Chair of Governors

H380316 RTQFLN


First Appointed: 11 July 2023
Term of office: 11 July 2023 - 10 July 2027

Attendance 2022/23: 1/1

Declarations: Grandchildren at the school

Bio: TBC

Foundation Governors

Foundation Governors are appointed by the Diocesan Board of Education.  Their term of office is 4 years.  At Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary the governance structure allows for two Foundation Governors.

Rev. Phyllis Bainbridge


First appointed: 30 September 2020
Term of office: 30 September 2020 - 29 September 2024

Attendance 2022/23: 2/4

Declarations: Revd at Tutbury Parish

Bio: I taught for 14 year prior to moving to Derbyshire where I gained a business qualification then started a Medico legal business.
I then trained for ordination with a further degree in Theology. After service as a curate, I undertook 3 troubles shooter vicar jobs at the request of Bishops, before being appointed as RECTOR of the ART Benefice: Anslow, Rolleston and Tutbury parishes in December 2019.

Jackie Benstead


First appointed: 01 September 2022
Term of office: 01 September 2022 - 31 August 2026

Attendance 2022/23: 3/4

Declarations: None declared

Bio: On leaving school I undertook an electrical apprenticeship, gaining my HNC in electrical and electronics.  For more than 20 years I had the role of PCB Designer in an engineering department that designed control and communications equipment.  I became interested in complimentary therapies in the early 90’s and after completing courses in reflexology and massage, made the move to being a self-employed therapist.


Previous Governors in the last 12 months

Deb Bacon

Appointed: 03 April 2020

Resigned: 24 July 2023

Attendance 2022/23: 3/4

Register of Interests: Employed by Central Co-operative Learning Trust. Sits on the MCC for Central England Co-operative.

Dan Williams

Appointed: 10 February 2022

Resigned: 25 November 2022

Attendance 2022/23: 1/1

Register of Interests: Parent of a child at Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary
Employed at The University of Derby

Sarah Moss

Appointed: 19 November 2020

Resigned: 09 December 2022

Attendance 2022/23: 1/1

Register of Interests: Parent of two children at Richard Wakefield C.E. Primary. Owner and managing director at Assignment Media Limited


Clerk to Governors

The Clerk provides professional advice to the Governing Body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters. They provide administrative support including minute taking and convening meetings, ensure the Governing Body is properly constituted and manage all Governing Body information effectively. It is the Clerk’s role to ensure the Governing Body meets all of its statutory duties.

Emma Cox



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