School Meals

At Richard Wakefield Primary we feel it is very important that every child is given the opportunity to have a nutritious and well balanced meal at midday.   

Caterlink Ltd, our school meal providers, have exciting ideas for 'feeding the imagination'. 

Our daily pre-order service, whereby the children choose their main meal at morning registration, ensures there is enough for everyone and the children get the meal of their choice regardless of whether they are the first or last class entering the Dining Hall.

Every child in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 is offered a free hot meal as part of the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme.   Many children in Key Stage 2 also choose to have a school meal at a cost of £2.25 per day, which is excellent value for money.

Please take a look at the menu provided by Caterlink for this term, which runs on a three week cycle. 

Caterlink also offer special themed lunches during the year and information on these will be published here.

Is your child eligible for Free School Meals?

To find out if your child is eligible for Free School Meals, please download the Free School Meals (FSM) application Information below and click on the 'Apply online' link.  In case of need, a Parent/Carer User Guide is also provided below to guide you through the application process.  

If your application is successful, your child's school will also receive extra funding from the Government to use in support of teaching and learning (Pupil Premium).  Even if your child doesn't want to have a midday meal, the school will still receive the extra funding due to eligibility, so please do apply.  Also, if your child is in Early Years, Year 1 or Year 2 they will receive a free school meal as part of the Government's Universal Infants Free School Meal (UIFSM), however we would still request that you apply for a Free School Meal if you meet the eligibility criteria so that the school can receive the extra funding.


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