Remote Learning

Remote Learning

All work will be set in Google Classroom.  This can be accessed via a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Google Classroom - Wikipedia

We sent your child's email address for their google account and their password separately.

Use this information to open their Google account

Once you are into their account you will find an invitation in their gmail for their electronic classroom.

Click on this to open Google Classroom.

Once you are into the 'classroom' you will be able to see comments from the teachers that you may reply to - they would love to hear from you!

Any work that you complete can be submitted in the classwork stream.  You can send a photograph, or tell your teacher all about the activities that you have been doing at home.


Click on the links below for help in using Google Classroom:

How to join a class

How to see the activities that have been set

How to respond to a post on the class stream (only the teachers can post on the class stream)


We will add more links as and when they are needed.  Please have a go, the teachers will be responding to the activities that you post.


Short on devices?  Use your PS4 or Xbox to access Google Classroom

If you haven't already heard... you can access Google Classroom (link is external) on an Xbox or PS4 Games Console.

Access Google Classroom with Xbox

  1. Go to the Home Menu.
  2. Select My games and apps.
  3. Scroll down to Apps.
  4. Go to Microsoft Edge application.
  5. Type in a search for Google Classroom.
  6. Select Go to Classroom, then log in using your email and password.

Access Google Classroom with the PS4 system

  1. Use your controller to scroll to the far right of the bar with games to Library.
  2. Select Library application.
  3. Within thin library use the search bar to type in Internet.
  4. Select the Internet Browser app.
  5. Start Internet Browser and press the triangle button on the controller to search.
  6. Once on the internet, type in the search box Google Classroom and select the appropriate link
  7. "Classroom: manage teaching and learning Google for Education-link below"
  8. Select Go to Classroom, then log in using your email and password.